"May my stories be beautiful and unwind like a long thread..."


Since october 2012 I have a new bilingual program together with the Welsh storyteller Davod Ambrose

July 2012 Frau Wolle told in Spanish for the seconde time for an audience of aproximately 600 listeners at the maratón de los cuentos in Guadalajara Spain!

Frau Wolles 6th book can be ordered now:

There is also a CD!
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In July 2007 in Neukirchen-Vlyun
Frau Wolle and Klaus Falschlunger won first prize at the
"Festival der besten deutschsprachigen Erzähler/innen"
! (Festival of the best German speaking teller)

"Among the 16 international tellers the performance of Frau Wolle stood out because of various positive impressions: Clear language, awareness of who her audience is, cleverly chosen stories and above all the splendid spontaneous awareness of and incorporation of the mood of the listeners..."
Quote from Prof. Rölleke, head of the judging panel

At Pentecost in May, 2006 in Graz
Frau Wolle won second prize at the "Silver Ear of Graz" ! More than 60 tellers competed, from which first 10 were chosen, and then 3 winners.
 First prize went to Peter Glass from Germany
and third prize to Richard Martin from England.