About Frau Wolle

 “I love the magical space between myself and those who listen.

Through the combined imagination of all those present, shared lives, worlds and experiences arise.
This gives me the feeling of being able to share in a magic spell.
More than anything I love telling old passed down folktales,
that on one hand are classic and archetypical, but at the same time have about them something atypical, unusual, and surprising.

I also enjoy to choose short astounding stories of wisdom.
I have specialized in telling to adult audiences,
which of course influences my choice of stories.”


She has been making her living as a fairytale and story teller since 1995, telling easily and fluently in German and English and Tyrolean dialect; and has worked with translators several times (into sign language, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese).
She has traveled extensively and told so far in 12 countries from Stockholm to Damascus. She appears about 77 times per year at varied events for adults. Her style is distinguished by clear, rich language, strong telling material, fine humor and her love of the stories.
She weaves age old stories into the here and now, or does she lead the listeners into the worlds of “once upon a time” or “for ever more” ?

FESTIVALS, at which Frau Wolle has up till now told
 in the World

in Damascus, Syria, "Dialogue Culturel Syrie-Europe" 2002
There, at an East-West Conference, Frau Wolle, as a storyteller, represented the West and jointly with a Shirine El Ansary from Cairo organized an East-West evening of storytelling.

in Europe

in Chevilly Larue near Paris,  France, in the "Maison du Conte" (House of                                                     Stories) "Paroles Européenes" 2001


in Guadalajara, Spain, "Maratón de los Cuentos" (Marathon of Stories)  2001, 2011 and 2012
in Beja, Portugal, "Palavras Andarilhas" (Wandering Words)   2001
in Alden Biesen, Belgium, "Internationaal Vertelfestival"   2001+2002 +2006
in Rotterdam, Holland, "Dunya Festival" 2001
in Utrecht, Holland, "Verteltheaterdagen"2002
in Stockholm, Sweden, Together with Mats Rehnmann  in 2004
in Rüttihubel Bad in Switzerland, "Rüttihubler Märchentage" 2007
in Bad Zurzach in Switzerland", Mundart-Zurzach" 2008
Internationales Storytelling Festival "Racontamiunastoria", Bozen/Bolzano, Südtirol, Italien 2012.

in Germany

in Aachen, "Zwischen Zeiten" – (Between Times) International Telling Festival 2002
in Nürnberg, "ZauberWort" (MagicWord) 2003
in Burg Namedy am Rhein, "Internationales Sommerfest der Kulturen" 2003
in Artland, "Artland Erzählfest" (Artland Telling Festival) 2003
in Dortmund, "Weltgeschichtentag" (World Storytelling Day) 2004

auf der Tromm,"Epos" Europäisches Erzählertreffen (Meeting of European Storytellers) 2004

in Freiburg, Erzählfestival (Storytelling Festival) 2005
in Bergisch Gladbach,Internationales Erzählfestival (International Storytelling Festival) 2005 + 2009
in Stuttgart,"Fluss der Worte" (River of Words) 2005
in Neukirchen-Vlyun, "Drittes Märchen-Festival und Wettbewerb der besten deutschsprrachigen Märchen-und Geschichtenerzähler" (Third Fairytale Festival and contest of the best German speaking storyteller) 2007 (1st Prize) + 2009
am (on) Bodensee, "MundWerk" Grenzenloses Erzählkunstfestival(Borderless Storytelling Art Festival) 2007
in Hannover, "11. Festival der Erzählkunst"  (11th Festival of the art of Storytelling)2008
"HÖR MAL - das Fest der Geschichtenerzähler" in Gelsenkirchen 2010.

in Austria

in Innsbruck, Tirol, Feuermond Erzählreihe (Firemoon telling sequence) 1998 until 2010
in Telfs, Tirol, Drei Wünsche Märchenfestival (Three Wishes Festival of     Fairytales)2000+ 2001 + 2002
in, Wattens, Tirol, Tiroler Sagen+ Märchenfestival 2003
in Landeck, Tirol, "Erzählfestival im Schloss" (Telling Festival in the Castle) 2004
in Hard, Vorarlberg, Fanatstischer Jänner (Fantastic January) in Kammgarn 2003 + 2004 + 2005

in Mariatrost near Graz, Steiermark, "Festival österreichischer Märchen-
erzähler/innen" (Festival of Austrian Fairytale Tellers) 1998 + 2000 + 2004

in Burg Oberkapfenberg, Steiermark, Märchenfest  (Fairytale Gathering) 2005
in Graz, Steiermark, "Graz erzählt" (Graz tells)  1998 + 2000 + 2002 + 2006
in Graz "Silver Ear" - Contest 2006 (2nd Prize)
"Fabelhaft Niederösterreich" (Fabulous Niederösterreich) 2007 + 2008
"Grazer Nächte der Erzählkunst" 2009 + 2010.
"Erzähl-es-Innsbruck" 2009 + 2010.

about 900 appearances up to now (as of winter 2008).
° Born Feb. 26, 1968 in Innsbruck, Austria.
° Studies: Comparative Literature and German Philology, graduated 1995.
° Graduating  thesis, "Eine Sammlung: Mächtige Frauen in Märchen aus Ghana und Österreich".
(A collection: Powerful Women in Fairytales from Ghana and Austria.)
° Spent time in Ghana, west Africa in researching west African fairytales and oral tradition.
° Lived in Santa Cruz, California (3 years) and Kauai, Hawaiian Islands.
° Has published four fairytale collections in German (see "Books").

Has won two prizes so far at the two contests she participated in.
The free and lively telling differs significantly from reading aloud from a book. Because we are familiar with the idea of an "evening of reading", the two sometimes become confused.
So -be aware - >

she TELLS.