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The New Book

is finally here!

much becomes different, yet remains
the light-lucid-readable Style and the special selecting of folk-fairytales by Frau Wolle.

NEW is
that this book consists only of Tyrolean fairytales contained in the 1852 collection of the Brothers Ignaz and Vinzenz Zingerle, plus two fairy tales of the world, that are told today in Tyrol by Frau Wolle.
NEW is
that this book is published by Tyrolia Verlag and therefore contains countless, wonderful, bright-colorful Illustrations from Irmingard Jeserick.
NEW is
that the fairytales in this book are also enjoyable for small children.

Be it the cleverly dumb, the seeing blind, the poorly rich and courage rescued:
In fairytales it's always about people on the quest for good fortune!

The virtues of the heroes are not being dutiful and courage without fear, rather awareness, curiosity and trust in life.

Tyrolean Fairytales
Freely told anew from the brothers Zingerle by Frau Wolle,
colorfully illustrated by Irmingard Jeserick
17 x 24 cm, About 200 pages, bound
ISBN 978-3-7022-2858-3
24,90 EUR