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  Wit, Wisdom, Wonder and unbelievable sounds

 13 short wisdom stories from around the World

live and freely told (in German) by Frau Wolle

Music by
Klaus Falschlunger - Indian Sitar
Manu Delago - Swiss Hang, Peruvian Cajon
Alex Mayer - Australian Didgeridoo, Tyrolean Tuba

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17.- Euro
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Frau Wolle, Klaus Falschlunger, Manu Delago, Alex Mayer

In the last 12 years we - Klaus Falschlunger and Frau Wolle - have been asked countless times, whether there would be a CD of freely told fairytales together with the Sitar-Music. That time has come!
On the 12th of October (2008) in ORF Landesstudio Tirol a CD with stories and music was recorded. The evening’s program has grown out of years of work together.
The precious gem that arises from our wisdom-stories collection and the melodic wealth of the world sparkles as a uniquely special CD.

The witty and at the same time profound short wisdom stories from Frau Wolle's repertoire are told in clear and poetic language.
They come from the Arabic realm as well as the Jewish telling tradition, from India and Tyrol.
The shortest story is one minute in length, while the longest is six. Laughing and the resonance of deep wisdom go hand in hand.
The reactions and the comments of the audience convey something of the communicative atmosphere of a fairy tale evening.

Seven of the thirteen tellings are accentuated by Klaus Falschlunger with the Indian Sitar, underscoring the over- and undertones of the words. The many layered oriental sound, that is brought forth by the resonant strings of this instrument, convey one in a wonderful way into the fairytale world.
In addition, accompanying are:
Manu Delago with the Swiss Hang - a tender yet powerful Percussion-Instrument, that lets the finer nuances of the stories linger in an enchanting way.
Alex Mayer is a master on the Australian Didgeridoo and underscores, above all, the humor of the telling with earthy-rhythmic sounds.
The three musicians play in all possible and impossible combinations. Thus the ears are offered a variety of auditory images.
Lightness, precise rhythmic interplay and beautiful melodies are the red thread present - be it a middle ages melody, an Indian song or an original composition that is played.