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Most importantly:
It is really beautiful after an evening to see bright eyes, warm ears and delighted and moved people heading home. (Ear photos by Ype).
The best recommendation is the fact that Frau Wolle is repeatedly invited by the same people.
On this page there will regularly be new quotes.

"We have received 1133.- contributions for our Armenien-Projekt!"
The team of the Pfarre Mariahilf after a benefit presentation,
at which the money was collected for heating materials for 11 elderly folks for the winter.

"The fairytales of Frau Wolle are nearby, stretch through the air, swirl around the head and interweave themselves amongst the audience.
  How the images arise, that roll by the inner eye, and how the sounds, smells and tastes came, that one believed, to perceive; that remains the secret of the story teller, who has already with her aware, conjuring look, merely by her appearance, brought something of the magic of a long since passed time, something fairytale-like."
Dagmar von der Trenck, Bergisch Gadbach, March 2009

“My girl friend and I ... love her clear speaking, the sharp humor
and the profound punch lines.
Of course, we also love the musical accompaniment!!
Margit Wieser - looks forward already to another listening" December 2008

"Once again, many thanks for your both coming!
All of the visitors were absolutely enthused; that I know, because I have already been spoken to and called many times !"
Margret Köpfer,  Forum erlebnis:holz, Bernau November 2008

"For our part is the balance of this year's

  summer fest with over a hundred visitors outright positive - perhaps we should more often do fairytale- instead of political events!"
Barbara Müller - Romerohaus Luzern, JULY 2008

"Regarding your beautiful presentation we have received only positive response. It was a wonderful evening. Thank you both.
We will certainly see each other again... many thanks for the pleasure of your art
Bertram Strolz, Veranstalter von "kultur im element"
NOVEMBER 2006 in DORNBIRN with "Zum Sterben schön"

NOVEMBER 2006 in Liechtenstein

"Many thanks for your wonderful appearance at Jubiläum des Frauenhauses. You greatly enriched the evening.
The audience was enthused
and today I had inquiries, how one could book you and get a hold of your book."
Christina Jacquat - Vorstandsfrau - Dipl. eingetragene Mediatorin

JULY 2006
In front of 120 Listeners with "Zeit wie Heu haben"
in the barn of Klausnerhofs in Hotzenwald
Photo by Michael Gottstein, Badische Zeitung, Redaktion Bad Säckingen

JULY 2006
"In the context of the FEUERmond programs, twice I had the possibility to listen to your stories and did that with great enjoyment. ...
I like your fine way of telling. For me the extreme attention to the life's journey of people, whose dead ends, detours, escapes, fulfilled and unfulfilled longings is perceptible.
Your Stories move me."

Gottfried Lamprecht, Gemeinschaftsverantwortlicher der Arche Tirol.

"For the first time I went to one of your presentations - a friend had spoken enthusiastically of you. I was not disappointed, quite the opposite, your stories and the atmosphere raised me to another level, where I completely turned off my thoughts, and was in another world. Thank you. It is certain I will return."

Judith Bodner, Listener

Anna H. Pissarek -Training Specialist Austria-Starbucks Coffee Austr. GmbH
>>On Valentine's day Kai and Frau Wolle told fairytales in our Starbucks Coffee House in the Mariahilfer Straße
„Von fiesen Frauen und miesen Mannsbildern“
Around 80 listeners (including me!) had a most pleasurable evening ... During the break they tasted ... coffees for falling in love.
Thanks to Karin and Kai for the  bright, high quality and so lively evening! It was a huge success.<<

January 2006
Helene Leitgeb - Jugendhaus Kassianeum -39042 Brixen - Italy
>> It was a fantastic evening! <<
December 2005
Ingrid Walder - Tiroler Hospiz-Gemeinschaft - 6020 Innsbruck
>>To die for…
…was the successful fairytale evening with Frau Wolle in accompaniment of the sitar sounds from Klaus Falschlunger. The listeners listened attentively inside of the wool's thread circle of the fairytale teller Frau Wolle.
With masterful verbal wit and actor's qualities she carried away the enthused audience into a fairytale world for adults …
- At the benefit event net receipts of € 1.260.- were achieved

May 2005
Karl Mittlinger manager of the Bildungshauses Mariatrost in Graz
 >>...I would like to extend a special thanks to our regular guest at the Festival Österreichischer MärchenerzählerInnen im Bildungshaus Mariatrost: Frau Wolle enchanted us again with her wisdom stories of the religions, not to mention Klaus Falschlunger on the Sitar. It was a great moment: forgotten, spilled, unknown life knowledge were beckoned on that day, the listening with all senses - we know it still, in spite of our daily "reality"; time stood still and behind all crusty religious concepts and world pictures a completely lively sense of a common human bond beyond time and culture surfaced ...<<