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If you would like to know more details about my work or invite me to tell stories, you can usually reach me under the following telephone-number.

My message-taking-machine will tell whether I am on a journey for a while (but it will say so in German). If you are not sure, please write an E-mail. My "automatic responder" will explain in both languages. I travel often.

from Austria: 0512- 37 03 16

from elsewhere in the world: 0043-512-37 03 16


Answering E-Mails often takes me a bit longer. I do NOT check my E-Mails every day, sometimes less than once a week.

For storytelling with music you can also contact Klaus Falschlunger, who speaks English.

from Austria: 0699 – 12 533 66 2

from elsewhere in the world:  00 43 - 699 – 12 533 66 2


www. sitarmusic.at