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Inviting Frau Wolle

"In the olden times they always gave the best place at the fire to the storyteller..."
(heard from the Salzburger teller KAI)

Inviting Frau Wolle is easy- simply call and arrange an evening.
from Austria: 0512- 37 03 16
from other countries: 0043-512-37 03 16

Frau Wolle tells freely and lively, from mouth to ear into the heart ...
"Over the last 13 years I have accumulated a huge treasure of special, age old, widely varied fairytales and passed down wisdom stories.
The stories come from all over the world to all of the world to which I travel with them, perhaps also to you... "

The ancient art of storytelling was once and is today again an enjoyable pastime for adults.
Wondrous, gripping, enchanting and funny stories can captivate, bring one to laughter and sooth.
Every fairytale is a gift to be taken home.

birthdays, at Christmas parties, at company parties, as welcomes home, at partings, at anniversaries, or retirement parties, ....
            at all imaginable parties and festivals
at seminars and at conferences as a warm-up at the beginning, as a means of changing pace in the middle or as the conclusion on the last evening
friends, mothers, closest loved ones, buddies, grandfathers, uncles-in-law, all kinds of relatives and acquaintances, for the village community, the visitor, the guest
            for up to 300 people
for hardworking co-workers, for favorite clients, for R&R-hungry bosses
as an unusual gift for a special person,
even for yourself.

I come gladly, to carry you away into the fairytale world!
school buildings, theaters, living rooms, banks, market gardens, hotels, town halls, book stores, women's centers, culture centers, hay barns, castles, courtyards, tents or ....
            wherever people enjoy listening
AT occasions, FOR people AT any place
which may come to mind

The "basic telling evening" consists of two approx. 45 Minute programs; with a break in between.
After the greeting, as introduction/initiation, a magic wool-circle is laid around the audience.
From three to ten fairytales and stories are told, that last between one and thirty minutes.
At longer parties there is, more often than not, storytelling after the meal  (sometimes before the dessert) as nutrition for the soul.
If so wished every program can be told in clear well spoken English.

depends on each unique arrangement. Here is what can be said for sure
- An evening with music does not cost twice as much. Within 3 hours of Innsbruck two of us will gladly come by car.
In such cases there is no need to stay overnight.
Regarding travel costs:
Frau Wolle travels almost always from Innsbruck by train.
For the sake of the environment the storyteller flies exclusively when it is cheaper and it is desired.

For questions and exact information I can be reached at the following number. If I am currently traveling at the time you call, that will be mentioned on my answering machine message.
from Austria: 0512- 37 03 16
from other countries: 0043-512-37 03 16
For a response to emails I sometimes take a little longer to respond.