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For more information about the sitar player please look under: www.sitarmusic.at

www.erzaehlen.de is highly recommended!
as well as www.weltgeschichtentag.de
and www.erzaehlfest.de
in Switzerland www.maerchenstiftung.ch

We are not yet a vast number, however there are many story tellers.
Here at a gathering in Aachen.
Frau Wolle likes to spin yarn and also networks and can recommend excellent storytellers for small and big occasions (and all the ones in between), for a young or old audience (and everybody in between) from parts of Germany, from Austria and as well from Switzerland, Italy (northern part), Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Ireland, South Africa, India, parts of North America and Egypt.
Most of these storytellers speak English and German or French and their mother tongues.
Simply call Frau Wolle and inquire!
I will gladly put you in contact with any of my colleagues.
Tel.: 0043 (0) 512 - 37 03 16
"It is a pleasure and honor for me to share my wealth of contacts"
Frau Wolle
with Jasna Held from DUBROVNIK
                           with Manya Maratou from GREECE
and with Duncan Williamson from SCOTLAND