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“In the realm of storytellers the creation of the world itself
 needs only a voice and a listener.”
Birago Diop, Writer

FRAU WOLLE TELLS a multitudinously wide variety of programs.

Lately every year she has focused on five favourite programs: these 5

“That stems from the fact that I’ve been telling stories for 10 years now and that I am over and over again invited back to the same places by my listeners. Each time I bring along new age-old stories from all around the world.
I have yet to tell all the fairytales that are burning on my tongue and lying in my heart...”

Every program consists of several passed down stories of wisdom and fairytales and lasts between a half hour and two hours (with a break). And can be booked with or without music!

Some fairytales meander from one theme to another, because one story can be about love, hunger and the sea, while another may be about power, love, and riddles, while still another might be about fear, apples and love. In one way or another love always seems to find a place in the stories.

Whoever would like other themes that you don’t find here, feel free to ask regarding your wishes. I take pleasure in and look forward to suggestions, opportunities, and challenges!