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Food, Cultures, and the WORLD

these programs are designed to go ESPECIALLY well with food as Fairytale-Meal, as well as with music, objects, and aromas, bound together as a sensory experience. More on that at the bottom of this page...  The stories can be enjoyed alone, however, spiced up by the imagination of the listeners.
Just as good combined with food - dumplings for example - are the programs under the next Programs sub-heading, "Tyrol".

Fairytales of hunger and greed, pleasure and gluttony...

Of the underworld, the earthly pleasures and the heavenly powers

Oriental fairytales
Sultan and cobbler, velvet and silk, sense and nonsense ... these stories are deeply philosophical and frivolously funny.
Telling of longing and hunger between desert and oasis.

Eat wisdom with a spoon; seven fairytales and soup

An evening of seven fairytales and a delicious soup
A woman comes to a village. It is market day. No one wants to give her a handout; she, however, doesn't seem to mind. She pulls out her kettle, makes a fire, and heats some water over it. Then she fishes out a simple stone from her basket and sets it in the pot. The market goers (and with them the listeners) wonder - what could she be cooking there?
Stone soup!
If she only had a little salt it would be just about done. Obligingly someone gives her salt.
"For that you may also have a taste! While we wait, shall I tell you a fairytale in thanks for the salt?"
The listeners are curious, eager... and hungry for the first story. In the meantime one held grains in her hand while another peeled potatoes. Many contributed something to the soup (because the ingredients had beforehand been distributed to the audience).
While the aroma of the meal began to emanate forth, so also did the miracle of the soup stone gradually begin to be grasped and understood:
In the soup lies the power.
Such is the taste of wisdom.

Duration about 2 hours, with a 10 minute break in the middle.
Necessary items are:
a large pot with water, a hotplate, a large cooking spoon, a ladle, as many spoons as there are listeners, cutting boards, potato peelers, knives, bowls for each for the peelings and for the vegetables, water, salt & and soup spices, spelt or another slow cooking grain, caraway seeds, celery, carrots and other root vegetables, potatoes, fennel, leeks, parsley.

The soup is vegetarian and can (depending on the soup spices) also be yeast-free

The Fairytale-Meal usually lasts between two and three hours, during which time food and fairytales take turns.
It is enriching, if the menu and the fairytales, on one menu card together, are set on the table in the order in which they will be enjoyed. Then those present will know that which they can next look forward to.
The meal and the stories refer to each other, are woven together by theme and make the evening into a Celebration for Body and Soul.