Programs with Music

“Music is hard to explain, but easy to enjoy"
Klaus Falschlunger

Watch Your Step - Under Construction

At an evening of telling with music the stories are textured by or framed with music.

Almost all of the Theme-Fairytale Evenings from Frau Wolle are "bookable" with and without music (look under the "Programs" pages).

We also offer a "reversed evening":
A sitar-concert, that is interwoven with the telling of a fairytale in seven parts.

In the following five evenings the Fairytales and Music are inseparably interwoven. These themes are to be enjoyed exclusively WITH music.

About the wisdom of the world and the madness of mankind.
Twinkle-toed, we wander together with the stories and sounds  between Hasidic and Islamic tradition as well as between West Africa and North India.
Wit and wisdom bind the people of all cultures, strangers and friends meet each other in subtle smiles and wonderment.

A" reversed evening", a concert with sitar music and a Turkish fairytale in 7 parts.

If desired and with at least a month's notice every other evening of telling (see "Programs") can be offered combined with music or a new theme can be developed – we take pleasure in and look forward to suggestions, opportunities, and challenges!

For the evenings with music you can contact either Frau Wolle or:
Klaus Falschlunger
From Austria 0699 – 12 533 66 2
From other countries
00 43 - 699 – 12 533 66 2