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The living gift that remains within

In the last 13 years quite often I have been invited to birthday parties as a special surprise - a storyteller in your living room.
These opportunities are a joy for me - times to pause and of celebration - with unforgettable fairytales to accompany them!
There comes a certain age when many people already have all the Things, that they would want.
At such a time it would be suitable to give instead, an EXPERIENCE, that can be shared with friends and relatives at a party.
The fairytales, that will be told on these evenings, soothe the soul, offer laughter and pleasure, memories and togetherness.
The stories can speak to those from the 15 year old right up to the grandparents.

There will be traditional folktales and entertaining stories of wisdom told. Small Details about the one whose birthday it is can be woven into the old stories.

In fairytales, as in life, it is always about the mastering, in one way or the other, of life and somewhere along the way - if she or he by a good age can find good fortune.

As far as the choices of stories, it depends on the preferences of the one receiving the gift ... in high German or dialect, from Tyrol or West Africa, about love or God ... with classical Indian music or another instrument ... many wishes can be fulfilled.

At long parties I usually tell after the meal (sometimes before the dessert) a least a half hour long (at most, as long as everyone still wants to hear something), as preferred later once again, and perhaps - for the completely fairytale-hungry - again around midnight for a third time.

Usually several friends together give the gift of the telling,
sometimes the one whose birthday it is and their loved ones give the gift of the stories to the guests at their celebration.

   for adults!