Here are three videos with different languages
* one in which I tell a mountain-tale in English

* one in which Tyrolian dialect is translated into Swedish and 

* one with excerpts from a bilingual evening together with David Ambrose from Wales (more about bilingual telling at the end of this page)

* telling with a translator into sign language – two videos of tales translated into Austrian sign language are found in the German-part of this website here

BEWARE – one might think that watching a video of storytelling is the same as experiencing it, but that would be an error. 

The art of storytelling is one of the moment and also a form/a mode of communication. 
The faces of the listeners, the food we did or didn’t eat, the time of the day and season in a year, the smell and sound influence the way a story told. While the central storyline of these traditional tales stays the same, the words are different every time.

"The speaking mountain"
A story about an exceptionally beautiful cow, an eloquent couple and an argument that can only be mediated by a mountain ... recorded in the beautiful landscape above Obsteig on the Mieminger Plateau in Tirol.
The story can also be enjoyed in Tirolian dialect (under "Ahnen").

Warm and cold from one mouth“ 
Cilla Lundberg from Sweden vividly translates a story that explains why one rarely meets wood-dwarfs in the mountains, how much work a woodcutter has and how long the winter can last... recorded in cold and windy may 2017 in front of a hut in scenic Valsertal.

Words on the Wing / Federleicht und vogelfrei
David Ambrose from Wales and Frau Wolle telling at live performances in Bad Säckingen and in Café Katzung in Innsbruck.
n 2012 David Ambrose and Karin Tscholl created a bilingual program on the theme of birds. Our ambitious aim was to make it understandable for those who only speak one of the two languages as well as captivating for those who understand both. 

We would enjoy being invited with this program and revive it!

In the course of the evening we use many kinds of techniques for bilingual storytelling and rarely simply translate what the other has said – we tell long and short, different perspectives, interwoven, with intonation and gestures that can be understood in any language,... and some more.
Bilingual storytelling is one of my passions.
Of course I can have fun being translated by a translator like in the second video here into Swedish, but I also enjoy creating a new story together with a fellow storyteller in two languages.

I am especially fascinated by the fact that within the magic of a story the listeners often understand a language they don’t know. I also believe that hearing stories inspires the joy of learning new languages.

There are many other videos in which Karin Tscholl tells stories sometimes live sometimes with music at different locations. The curious can find these films here and might not understand every word but possibly still enjoy the athmosphere.
here are the NEWEST

some with MUSIC and LONGER